About me

I am Stefano Cislaghi, Information Architect, living in the UK

I do information architecture. I can’t believe that in a world where information is a measure of power, many enterprises see information architecture and governance as an endeavour and a useless effort.

Where did everything come from?

I started my career in early 2000 as a system engineer and database administrator for a system integrator. Here is where I got my first contact with data and understood how valuable they were. Also, it was where I had my first interactions with data customers: people demanding access to data and seeking guidance and advice on their usage.
I then moved to a financial institution and got my hands onto data warehouses. Since early 2000, financial institutions have been experiencing an increasing complexity and need of data governance and information management. I learnt how to deal with data governance, how to drive business usage of information, and how to liaise with various involved parties in the information value-chain. The mind shift was like a natural process for me. 

Why information architecture?

It is fascinating the abundance of information a business can develop and the ease with which they lose knowledge and disperse the informations. I am an innate system thinker. For me, it is simple to see patterns in the complexity of informations, learn from them, extend and enrich first, distill and synthesize later and unleash the information power. I found this as a natural career path after I worked as data architect. It brings me more in touch with all the area of a company, working at enterprise level, and bridging traditional common gaps between business and technology.

What are my values?

Much more power exists in a team than a single individual - share the challenge and success. 
At work, success of the enterprise is more important than personal success. I like to set goals, achieve, celebrate and restart, when I do not achieve it, I’ve learnt something, anyway.
The life, either personal or professional, isn’t black or white: there is always another point of view and always something new to learn. I am not sorry for having a limit in my knowledge; I am an enthusiast in keep learning new things.

Is it all about the work?

It is not. When I am not at work and my brain is free from anything work-related, I like to enjoy the life and myself busy.
I hold a private pilot license, I spend part of my spare time flying small airplanees principally in the south of England. I have been flying since early 2000 and I cannot stop. I have a true love for aviation and everything involved it it; also, I love the possibility to see the world from a unique perspective that only a pilot at low level altitude flight can have. 
I am a keen traveler, with a preference for Asia and the arabic peninsula. Both are places where you can still experience a unique great culture and with a very long history. Moreover, they have unique nature landscapes and seas which let me do scuba diving. Scuba diving diving is probably the opposite complement to flying, another possibility to see an hidden and secluded part of the world.